9. elokuuta 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes

On Saturday, August 6th, was the day that so many had waited for the whole summer:

It was time for
the Finnish Wicked-summer meetup!

The event went perfectly and we had so much fun it didn't even matter that the weather was cloudy and rainy (luckily it wasn't too cold and even the rain stopped after a while). Here's a report of our Wicked day:

I arrived to Hesperia Park's amphitheater in Helsinki with Joonas, Helmi and Karoliina at noon because I had to rehearse Wicked in 15 minutes-performance with the first two mentioned. Soon it started to rain (really hard) but we decided to face the elements and go through the act. Around 2:30 PM we made our way to the middle of the park where we were supposed to meet other fanclubbers at 3 PM. It didn't take long as people started to arrive with their umbrellas and raincoats...

I was surprised that even though the weather was rather bad, there were soon 24 fans from all over Finland (one girl had travelled all the way from Kemi - that's 700 kilometers!) chatting, laughing and singing songs from Wicked.

Around 3:30 PM the first of our two special guests, Saara Aalto, arrived. Saara played Dorothy in the Finnish production of Wicked and she has also released an amazing cd last spring. And, as she arrived, the raining suddenly stopped (and it didn't rain at all after that). I guess there were some magic in the air on that day...

Then the fans introduced themselves to each others and told about their relationships with Wicked. After that, around 4:30 PM, it was time for our little performance at the amphitheater right next to the Finnish National Opera...

Joonas played Glinda, Helmi was Elphaba and I had a small part as Madame Morrible. The audience seemed to have a blast as we performed our little show and there were even some random passer-by's who came to watch what the hell was happening, haha. The plot was shortened and cut a lot, and we had added some new (rather humorous) twists (f.ex. Fiyero being assassinated by pushing him under the train with a wheelbarrow and big amounts of Gelphie, as you can see). After the show we decided to take group photos. We look amazing, don't we? (click the pics for higher resolution)

Then the fans just hung out and played Wicked-related mime games as we waited the second one of our special guests to arrive...

Around 6:30 PM our group grew up a little bit bigger as Anna-Maija Tuokko, who played Glinda in the Finnish production of Wicked, joined us. She requested a re-run of Wicked in 15 minutes and so we decided to perform it again, this time in the park because there were about to start other programme in the amphitheater and we had to leave the place.

The second show went a lot better than the first one and once again people walking by watched us in awe. The last hours of the meetup elapsed like the speed of light. 

We took photos with the two lovely actresses...

Goofed around like there was no tomorrow...

Made an ex tempore cuddle pile...

And just enjoyed each other's company.

At 9 PM it was time to say goodbye to the park and so the last ones that were left of our meetup gang headed to the centre of Helsinki. As I was walking down the streets I felt how my body was tingling with all of the positive energy I had gained during the day. Of course I was a little bit sad too by the fact that the event I had planned and waited for so long was already over.

Lastly here's a Japanese kanji sign that Saara wrote on my arm during the meetup. It means love. For me this whole year has been like the most epic journey that one can imagine: It has contained beyond-this-world coincidences, growing as a human being, meeting new people, saying goodbye to the thing that changed me for good and, above all, being surrounded by the most powerful thing in this world, and that is love. During the bad days I can always look back on all of the memories I've had with my Wicked-family and imagine what new memories the future is still holding for us.

I want to thank all of you who participated
the Wicked-summer meetup from the bottom of my heart.

And remember...

We are truly blessed with love.

LilyLuna / Riikka
Wicked Fanclub Suomi

p.s. Photo credits goes to the following people: Karoliina Kiviaho, Riikka Kiviaho, Pinja Kaisla, Saara Sofia Pääkkö, Sanna Juntunen, Sara Pohjonen, Saskia SS & Sofia Sarkava.

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